Many people who make and deliver presentations are not professional designers. Because of this, they usually don’t have the mental tools or an effective plan set in place. And thus, delays are inevitable.

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Most Presenters Spend Too Much Time Preparing The Presentation

This is a common problem with many presenters, and a big reason why many people don’t like making presentations. Preparing a good presentation usually means spending a a lot of time and going through a lot of frustration.

So, what are the things that people usually spend most of their time on?

Re-organizing and Re-writing

When asked what most presenters do when they’re preparing their presentations, their reply is usually the same. Organizing and Editing the content takes most of their time. This is not because their topics are too difficult to organize. Rather due to the fact that most people don’t plan the presentation before they start making all of their slides.

If you don’t think about these things at the start, then you’ll be thinking about them in the middle of the process.

What To Think About Before Making The Presentation

Some people do this on a piece of paper. Others can do it on their smartphone or their computer. Basically, this is where you will decide how you want to explain the topic to your target audience. The start, middle, and end of the presentation.

Storyboarding With Sticky Notes

You’re going to guess where the audience is right now, and decide where you need to take them by the end of the presentation. You can make this outline by drawing text or images. You can do some storyboarding using sticky notes and move slides around until they make sense.

Using Presentation Software to Make Presentations 

Another barrier that many people encounter when making presentations is the presentation software. They don’t know how to use it. So, using it can cause a lot of delay and stress. The only way to fix this problem is by learning to use your presentation software before making presentations. This software is usually PowerPoint.

Where To Find Helpful Material

You can read a few of our many helpful How To articles on using PowerPoint.

You can also go and search for a basic function you want to be able to perform with PowerPoint. Chances are that Microsoft has already explained the process on one of their own websites.

Also consider watching any of the many free online video courses on how to get started with PowerPoint.