Some presenters, especially introverts, get really bothered by impatient audiences. When giving presentations to senior management, many presenters face anxiety from others, demanding to know certain things before they are explained. This disruption can often make presenters forget what they were going to say. Here, we will be looking at some things that you can do to minimize these disruptions.

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Why Do Executives Ask Questions in the Middle of a Presentation?

Senior management usually ask questions in the middle of a presentation. This is not because they didn’t like the presentation. They may not even disagree with something in the presentation either. Could it be that they are just trying to be rude?

The Feeling That Time is Running-Out

Do you know that feeling you get when you’re in a hurry to do something? You’re motivated; but a bit afraid that despite all the careful planning, organizing, and effort; things are not going to go your way. Since time is money; people can get really anxious about wasting time. They expect you to understand this, and respect their behavior when they’re trying to get things done.

Give Them a List of Topics from the Presentation

In order to assure the executives that all their questions will be answered in the presentation, you will need to give them a table of contents. It isn’t surprising that the audience would show signs of anxiety when sitting in a presentation and not knowing if their concerns will be addressed.

If given the opportunity, most people will try to ask questions when they don’t have a lot of time. There’s also the feeling of regret one feels after sitting through an hour long presentation and not having questions answered. In a situation like this, asking questions seems like the only choice. Give them an agenda from the start of the presentation.

State a clear goal and give a proper agenda for the presentation. This will help reduce anxiety, and minimize interruptions in your presentations.

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