Do you make regular presentations for your clients? People who make monthly presentations face a unique dilemma when making changes to their slides. Changing the presentation in an unexpected way can be problematic for the clients. A drastic change to the presentation might make them uncomfortable. At worst, they might not remember your presentation. Here we will look at some things that you can do when making changes to regular presentations.

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Will Your Audience Accept All The Changes?

Many presenters try to read articles and take courses to improve their work. They try to implement as many of those changes as they can, only to find that the audience liked things the way they were before. This is frequently the case with regular presentations where the audience is used to looking at similar information all the time.

How Will The Audience Accept The Changes?

When you improve the presentation, try to only change one out of ten slides at a time. When the audience looks at this new presentation for the first time, they might feel a little bit uncomfortable at first. The next time you change the presentation, the audience should already be familiar with the change you made last time. You can change the slides even slower if you want.

It might take a lot of time to change all the slides at this rate. However, you must adjust the pace of change and keep improving the presentations without losing your audience’s attention.

How To Improve The Slides Slowly for Regular Presentations?

Changing slides slowly might seem like a unique task at first. You may be confused about what change to make first. You should start with visual improvements. Visual improvements usually accepted by the audience faster than any thing else. Start from slides containing the most important message first. Depending on the number of slides and the size of the audience, it can take a while to upgrade all the slides to the new format. If you deliver the presentations monthly and change only a tenth every month, then it should take about a year.

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