Visuals! We love them in our presentations and why shouldn’t we? They add to the charm of the presentation and help us keep people entertained while they hear us. They help us communicate our message effectively. Here we will be looking at two major types of visuals in PowerPoint.

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Types of Visuals

We can divide all PowerPoint visuals in two basic types. Design and Content. A design visual is used for making a slide look better, but it don’t really help the audience understand the presentation. On the other hand, a content visual actually helps the audience understand what the presenter wants to say.

The Correct way to Use a Design Visual

A design visual is used to enhance the look of a presentation or slide. A design visual can be anything you want. You can use it as a background image for your presentation. It can be a good way to set the mood of the presentation. Design visuals may be a bit superfluous for regular presentations like sales reports, etc.

The Correct way to Use a Content Visual

A content visual is simply used to help convey meaning more easily. It usually consists of graphs and charts. Although, it can be other things like diagrams and infographics as well. It is better to use more content visuals because you have so many great options to choose from. A content visual is easy to make.. You can make a content visual using the graph and drawing tools in PowerPoint.

Use Them For Both 

You should use pictures for both decoration and for conveying a message. They are both important depending on your audience and the type of presentation. But, don’t use a visual just because it looks good. It is important that the visual is related to the presentation in some way or another.

Image: [CC BY 0] via Pixabay