Many people use copyright material in making their PowerPoint presentations, but most do not know the rules about how to use copyright. This blog is not legal advice, but it should help people understand the usage of copyright material.

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What Is Covered By Copyright?

Any original idea is thought to be covered by copyright. This means that creative material like books, movies, videos, pictures, audio, writings, drawings, etc are all covered by copyright. You can change the format of the material, for example uploading the DVD video online, but it is still protected under copyright law. Regardless of whether it is stored in your home or office, or another location.

Using Copyright Material

You are to get a written permission of the owner of the material when you use copyright material for something. The owner may need to know where and how frequently you are going to use their work. They can pose restrictions on how and where it should be used. Make sure to discuss all possible uses that you may have in mind.

How To Get Permission To Use Copyright Material

Getting permission to use copyrighted work varies widely depending on the content’s owner.

In Written Works, there is a concept of “fair use” where you may copy part of someone else’s work, perhaps to quote them. However, this concept has been abused by some people. When doing this, the source of the text should be sighted. You are expected to take permission form the owner as well.

Drawings as well as cartoons and photos are also protected by copyright law. If you want to use such content; you should contact the owner of the content.

Speech is also protected and you are expected to take permission from the speaker to use their content for something.

Music is a lot easier to arrange than the items mentioned above. You can contact ASCAPBMI, or SOCAN, and get permission to use a lot of music for a fixed price.

Videos are the same as others, you have to contact the owner of the copyright to get permission to use it.

Don’t Want To Contact Copyright Owners? There’s An Easy Way

Getting permission to use copyright material can be a bit difficult. It requires time and effort. That is why you might want to consider making your own content. This doesn’t mean that you’ll have to make it yourself though. These days, you can hire freelance writers, illustrators, singers, musicians, poets, and movie producers to make this stuff for you.

Using content that is custom made and owned by you, gives your presentation personal value, and it shows the effort and consideration you’ve put into your work as well.