There are a few occasions when you might want to use a map in a PowerPoint presentation. Maybe you’re working on a sales presentation and you want to show how well a product sold in different regions. Maybe you’re showing market share of a company in a given region. Showing statistics with pictures of maps help the audience visualize the information more easily. Here we will be talking about some things that you might need to consider when making a presentation that shows maps of different regions on a PowerPoint slide.

Showing Maps in a PowerPoint Presentation

When showing more than one maps in a PowerPoint presentation slide, make sure to position them in the way that they actually appear. You can sort them from left to right for west to east. These maps can be pasted in a graph to make the relation more apparent. This can also help you understand more when looking at things from a wider perspective.

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For example, you can show market share or sales of your company’a products on a graph with maps on it. Make sure they are sorted in the correct arrangement from left to right. Choose a suitable graph to show these statistics. We normally use a pie chart to show parts of a whole, so you can use a pie chart as well. One approach is to show a pie chart on each region’s map. This way people can see the distribution easily.

Ultimately, you will need to decide what kind if graphics work best for you. Maps usually look impressive no matter how you use them. They lend power to the presentation and help give it a more authentic image.  Find a way to make it look great in your presentation. Have Fun!

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