PDF files have gained popularity among publication and marketing fields. As opposed to websites, PDF files are supposed to look the same on all screens. It doesn’t matter what PDF viewer you’re using or what version of Windows, Mac, or Linux you’re using. A PDF document looks the same in all of them. This is because every PDF document contains text, images, and fonts needed to display it properly. Many of your clients will give you their marketing material in PDF files. We will be discussing how to use portions of a PDF document in your presentation.

Why Use Portions of a PDF Document?

You might think that asking for the source files of the PDF is a good idea, but it is actually easier to use images from the PDF instead. The source file will probably be too big, or they will be in file formats that you might not be able to open. Using the PDF version is better than using the website version of the document. Images on the PDF version are meant to be printed, so they are relatively high quality.

How To Use Portions of a PDF Document?

Using parts of a PDF document in a PowerPoint presentation is simple. Open the PDF document in Adobe Reader or PDF X-Change Viewer. Any modern PDF viewer will have a screen capture or snapshot button in it. It usually has the icon of a camera on it.

PDF Document - Capture Snapshot - FreePowerPointTemplates

The PDF viewer software will usually allow you to select an area on the screen to capture it. If it looks too small than use the zoom feature or use the shortcut key combination Ctrl + + to zoom into the part of the PDF that you want to capture. Now, you should be able to paste the image in PowerPoint by using the keyboard key combination Ctrl+V.