PDF files are really popular these days. People prefer to use PDF files, because of their many advantages.

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PDF: Small Size > Quality

PDF files come at a cost of quality, but they are a practical solution for most people’s needs. With a PDF file, you do not get the original source documents with the file. This is necessary to keep the PDFs small in size.

PDF: Consistency of Design 

They can be opened on almost all platforms and they look the same in pretty much all platforms as well. Not only that, but PDF files also look the same no matter where they are printed. They are very consistent. This is why many online publications also choose this file format.

You can try using an online version of the document of you want. But, you will soon find out why this approach doesn’t work so well.

How To Use Material From A PDF in a PowerPoint Slide?

Open a PDF file to copy from. Scroll through the PDF file and find the text or items that you need to copy. Make sure to capture the part of the screen and paste it in a slide so that it fills the whole slide. Most PDF viewers have a Capture button in them.

In PDF X-Change Viewer, you should be able to capture a part of the screen by using the Snapshot tool. In Adobe Reader, you can try using the Capture tool to do the same.

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In case of some PDF readers, the option might be hidden in menus. After using this option, paste the image in Paint or directly in a PowerPoint slide. That is it, its just that simple.

You can use this method to put all sorts of graphics in PowerPoint slides. Use anything that would be useful in your presentation as long as you get the proper permissions first.

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