Have you ever been curious about memory? I’ve been exploring the Greek method of Loci which is used by Brain Athletes who compete in memory contests. People like the 8 time World Memory Champion Dominic O’Brien use this method as well. Quite surprisingly, it has a lot to do with emotion. Do you wanna know more?

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Greek Method of Loci

The Greek Method of Loci is the standard way used by most memory athletes to remember stuff. So, It is basically a template that you construct to remember anything you want. Even stuff like a deck of playing cards or a long string of numbers. The cool thing is that this done solely by using imagination and our ability for remembering journeys/stories.

TED talk by Joshua Foer

I recommend that you watch this TED talk by Joshua Foer to learn more about how anyone can improve their memory using these techniques.

A Relaxed and Calm State of Mind

There are a few things that help memory more than having a calm state of mind. As a presenter, you’ll need to keep your audience in this state of mind to help them remember your message long term. Please, Try to be more honest and balanced. If you do that more, then they will receive and remember your message much better.

Content Is Not Effective If It Does Not Stir Some Emotion

People need to keep calm. However, this does not mean that you can bore them either. Therefore, try understanding what your audience really needs and wants. How will your solution help them and what can it help them feel? Focus on those feelings to be more memorable.

Make Memories 

It is important to use visual aides in PowerPoint presentations to communicate your message. If you use them, then you can increase the effectiveness of your message by making it a story. Stories/Emotions sell everything from Mixed Martial arts fights to Smartphones. It is probably the most effective method to get any message across.