Wouldn’t it be nice to be able to use a set of slides in multiple presentations? It is not a bad idea, since it would save time in making new presentations.

Here, we will be talk about a few places where you can download these slides and also what to do once you’ve downloaded them. You can find links for where you can find these slides at the bottom of this article.

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Make A Folder Specifically For Storing These Slides

Making a dedicated folder to store pre-made template slides should help in finding them when they’re needed. Name the folder appropriately and keep it in a place that is easy to access. Also, make sure to give your files proper names if they don’t already have em.

Open A File Before Working on It

Before you start making any new slides, make sure to open the file in PowerPoint and look at it in slide show mode. Doing this will help you see what type of content these slides were originally designed for.

You might feel that you need to customize and modify some of these slides to suit your needs. Now, exit slide show mode and get back to editing mode.

Notice how the slides have been put together. If you are into advanced editing, you might find something in the speaker’s notes to help guide you.

Copy the Slide In Your Presentation 

Copy and paste the slide to your presentation. You will see that the presentation adopts the colors of your main presentation’s theme. From here, you can edit sample text and add more boxes. You can even find and replace fonts to keep things consistent.

You can also change any images that don’t fit with your main presentation.

Finalize The Presentation

Preview the changes you’ve made in slide show view. Look at everything and make sure that you’re happy with the results. Make small changes if needed.

Some Sources To Download Pre-Made Slides

Some websites that host free quality PowerPoint slides and animations are Microsoft’s own PowerPoint site, FPPT, and of course our website as well.

Pros of Pre-Made Slides

Pre-Made slides can really help save time if used correctly. Do a bit of planning on how to use pre-made slide templates in your presentation.

Image: [CC BY 2.0] via Flickr