Images are king! Many articles on the web will tell you the same thing. They’ll say that you should always use pictures instead of text in a presentation. The reason they state is that according to research, people pay attention to images instead of text. So, should you go ahead and start using them for everything? Should you try to avoid using text as much as possible to make a good presentation? Of course not. Here we will discuss cases in which you should give priority to text over images.

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Images Are Not For Every Time and Place

Using images as the main focus can work for when you need to get people excited. They don’t work that well in an environment where the main focus is on imparting information. Most presentations given in a corporate environment are not suitable for excessive use of pictures. You need text when trying to summarize detailed information. Images are more suitable to simplify and generalize topics instead.

Not Everyone Has The Time To Gather Licensed Images

The point of making a PowerPoint presentation in a corporate setting is to give your message using words and visuals like graphs, charts, and the like. Replacing all of these these things with generalized and simpler versions may not work for your audience. Everyone is not paid to put together presentations containing jokes, pictures, and animation. Although, this would be the case of you were making the presentation for a campaign or to support a cause. But, when it comes to serious efficiency, you might be better off with as few decorative images as possible.

This does not mean that you should not use visuals at all. Instead, try using one suitable image for each major topic in your presentation.

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