Many people want to use video in their PowerPoint presentations but they can’t. They’re worried about video production costs and editing costs. Paying a professional to record and edit video can get very expensive. Here, we will be discussing some tips on how you can prepare video for your PowerPoint sales presentation on a budget.

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Record The Video Yourself

If you’re making a PowerPoint sales presentation, you don’t necessarily need to hire a professional to shoot the video for you. You can shoot a video of your customers using the product. You can shoot a video of how your product is normally installed. You don’t need to make it look flashy. Many people prefer a normal video to a studio production these days because it is much closer to the real thing. Just make sure to edit out any long boring parts.

Edit The Video Yourself

So, we have the video. Now, we’ll edit the video using expensive software and computers, right? Not really. Of course you can use expensive software and hardware if you want, but you can also use what you already have and it should work. Using Windows Movie Maker is enough for most video editing projects.

Make sure to edit out any long and boring parts. Only use a continuous shot for things that can be done quickly. Use fade in and fade out effects, and make sure that the video is not too long.

Include The Video in The Presentation

Insert the video in the PowerPoint slide instead of playing it separately in a media player. This will not only help you avoid looking for the video at the time of the presentation, but it will also keep the presentation going seamlessly. Tell people that you will be showing them a video on the next slide. Tell them is there is something important in the video before showing it to them. You may pause the video and explain any important point if necessary.

Video is the most influential and immersive communication medium of them all. Using it effectively in a PowerPoint sales presentation can really help closing a sale.

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