The internet is changing the way business is done across geographic boundaries. It has enabled us to arrange meetings that can be attended from different parts of the world. We can even transcend time zones by using PowerPoint to make a business presentation. But, as with any new way of doing things, there are new ways to make the presentation more suitable for the audience to view. Here are some ways to improve your web based PowerPoint presentations.

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The Presentation Should Be Easy To Read

Presentation software comes in many different varieties. You should consider formatting issues when sharing your presentation with a wider audience in case of a web based presentation. They might be using an older version of PowerPoint, or maybe they’re not even using a Windows computer to view the presentation. This is also true for websites where you upload your presentation and people watch it in their web browser. This is unlike a normal presentation where you use your own computer to open the presentation file.

One way to make sure that the presentation shows up the same on all computers is to always use standard fonts. Avoid using animation effects because they might not show up properly.

The Presentation Should Be Easy To Understand

Not having a human voice guide the viewer in a web based presentation can make people impatient. They start to go through the presentation faster, skimming through the material as they turn from one slide to another. That is why you should really consider keeping less information on each slide, and using longer titles to explain what each slide contains. Use basic fonts like Arial, Times new Roman, and Calibri because these fonts are viewable on almost all devices. Using black text on a light grey background is best because it is easier to read. Avoid using the same fonts and colors that you may have used for presentations on a projector screen.

Make The Presentation Interactive

By saying that you should make the presentation interactive, we aren’t saying that you should add interactive bits in the presentation itself. Instead, we’re suggesting that you should encourage interactivity by the use of text messages or voice communication in a web based presentation. This helps to make the presentation more engaging for the audience.

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