When you attend a lot of PowerPoint presentations, you become more and more aware of certain memes. There are certain things that really annoy audiences when attending a presentation. Here, will take a look at the most common elements of a PowerPoint presentation that annoy audiences.

The Speaker Reads All Text On Slides To The Audience

When a presenter stands on a stage, they are there to perform. They explain and describe so that the audience can better comprehend it. But, when people see a presenter who seems like he just copied text from a report to make a presentation, they don’t like it.

It annoys the audience because they can read the same thing on a paper. They don’t like having a lot f text read to them from a slide. It also gives people the impression that the presenter did not prepare to give a proper presentation.

Too Many Unnecessary Effects That Don’t Add To The Message Of A PowerPoint presentation

Try not to use too many side elements in your presentation. Out of place graphics, effects, and multimedia is more of a distraction than anything else. The text should be the center piece of the presentation. The graphics and/or effects should make the main message look more prominent. Too much text or too many graphics does not make a good PowerPoint presentation.

Inexperience With The Presentation Electronics Being Used On Stage

If you’re new to something that needs to be used in the presentation, then learn to use it. You don’t have to figure it out on the stage. If you’re confused on the stage, then it takes the audience’s focus away from the presentation. The presentation should be done smoothly with no awkward pauses to break the flow of the PowerPoint presentation.

You should decide on the structure of the presentation when preparing it. Every presentation has a beginning, a middle, and a summary or conclusion at the end. Lets make more effective presentations for our audiences.