Logos and slogans play an important role in PowerPoint presentations. A quote can add more credibility to the point you want to get across in a presentation. Using quotes correctly can make a presentation look better. However, using quotes incorrectly can distract the audience.

Here, we will be looking at where you can find quotes for your presentation. How to verify them. And, how to use them correctly. All explained in around 300 words. Lets get started.

Where To Find Quotes For PowerPoint?

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There are a few websites that you can use to find quotes to use in your presentations. Websites like QuoteDBSuccessoriesBrainyQuote, AZquotes, and Inspirational-Quotes all contain databases of quotes that you can use.

There you can find quotes about love, quotes about change, motivational quotes, quotes about strength, quotes about family, quotes about beauty, quotes about life, etc

How To Verify Accuracy of Quotes?

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When you decide to use a quote, make sure to attribute it correctly. Some popular quotes are often attributed to many people. You can use some websites to confirm the probable origin of the quote. One such website is Wikiquote. Another is Quote Investigator.

Tips On Using Quotes Correctly in a Presentation 

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Using quotes correctly can make your presentation look a lot better.

Present the quote without a picture in the background of the text to focus the audience’s attention on a specific topic. Alternatively, you can present the quote with a background image to solidify the overall theme of the presentation in the audience’s mind.

Using short quotes is generally better than using long ones. You can use longer quotes as well. The trick is to keep looking and not just settle for the first one you happen to find.

When presenting a small quote, give people time to read it themselves. After that, read it out loud and continue your talk. In case of a longer quote, read it from the start but read it slowly. This allows you to make sure that the entire audience has read the long quote.

Quotes are are not a substitute for a good explanation. So, you’ll still have to back up your claim with evidence and solid material.

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