Presentations give us a way to communicate our message to many people at the same time. You can structure a message and make sure that all points are covered in a predetermined sequence, all in a relatively short amount of time. This can be a challenge because most presenters are not used to imparting so much information to so many people. Nor are they usually very capable of using PowerPoint. Some people think that this is a good reason to stop using PowerPoint altogether. But, is replacing PowerPoint really helpful?

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Do We Need to Use PowerPoint?

Some people say that changing our tools is a good way to fix the bad presentation problem. They think that tools like Prezi are a lot more effective in making better presentations.

Does Using a Different Tool Fix the Problem?

It is true that you should be able to make different looking presentations with software like Prezi. It allows you to make visually appealing animated presentations. But, too many animations and scroll transitions are actually more confusing than helpful.

Don’t Blame the Car, Blame the Driver

Blaming PowerPoint for boring and dull presentations is like blaming a functioning car for reckless driving. There’s nothing wrong with using lots of animation and scrolling effects to make a presentation more visually appealing. However, it becomes a problem when these effects are used way too frequently, and in places where they’re not really needed.

Visualize the Presentation

First, you should know what you want to accomplish with your presentation. Get a clear idea of your objectives. What do you want your clients to do after watching this presentation? Now, envision the presentation in your head. From the introductory slide to the next, until you reach the conclusion of the presentation.

Be One With The Tool

Better training to use a presentation tool is necessary for making presentations accurate to your imagination. Knowing the basics of how to make presentations will enable you to make a great basic presentation. Learning advanced techniques will help you make the presentation you imagined. To do this, you will need to take courses on how to use PowerPoint. Such courses are available online.

No matter what presentation tool you use, remember; a tool is only as good as the effort that goes into using it.