Lets suppose you have to make a presentation for your new prospective client. You’re not planning on losing to your competition, so this presentation needs to be really good. How should we start then? Lets tell them how big our company is and the big clients we’ve serviced. Lets copy material from our company’s website portfolio and show it to our clients. Or, maybe not.

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Why Does This Approach Not Work? 

The thought process in the above paragraph is not wrong. But, it doesn’t work, why? The reason is because one big thing is missing from the start of the presentation. “The client’s needs”.

You see, spending too much time on how great your company is, may not impress the client into hiring you. But, helping them understand how you can help them turn their situation around, does. Until you can show them how you can help, it doesn’t matter how great your company is.

What The Client Really Wants

You may think that the client will feel comforted when they hear how great your company is. But, what the client really cares about is how well you can help them solve their particular problem right now.

Do You Understand Their Problem?

The first thing the client wants to know is whether or not you understand their problem. Show them that you’ve dealt with similar cases before. Share with them examples of how you were able to help people like them. Show them how much this issue is costing them in dollars, and how they can save that money.

Share Past Examples and Case Studies

Probably the best way for you to gain your prospective client’s trust is by showing them how you’ve helped people in the past with the same or similar problem. This tells them that you’re not only experienced with this problem, but also that you understand their perspective to some extent.

Now! Is The Time To Talk About Your Company

You’ve already given your client the information they really came for. Now is the time to tell them about your company and tell them about the skill, experience, facilities, etc you have to offer them solve this problem. this will reassure them and build confidence, leaving you with a higher chance to be chosen among others.