Each of these tips are easy to follow and can enhance any presentation. If any of these tips is not being used already, then maybe you should consider using it. Here are 7 things that you can do to improve your future PowerPoint presentation.

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Aiming to Inform or Sell?

Almost all presentations can be forced into one of two categories. They can be either very influential or very informative. An informative presentation informs the audience and educates them about something. An influential presentation, on the other hand, aims to persuade the audience to perform some action or to sell an idea by using emotion. Knowing what type of presentation you’re making and what balance of both approaches you need is really important.

Use Large Fonts 

Use fonts that are large enough for people to see on a projector screen. Try not to use any font smaller than 24. Ideally, you should choose font sizes between 28 and 32 for normal text, and sizes 36 to 44 for titles and headings.

Bullet Points or Numbered Lists

If you want to present a list of important points or items in a PowerPoint slide, then use a numbered list only if there is an important order to the items. Otherwise, always use a bullet point list.

Choose Colors with High Contrast

Whatever design and backgrounds you choose, make sure to have high levels of contrast that make the text look clear. A dark background (e.g. dark purple) with a light color for text (e.g. white or bright yellow) is a popular choice. It is easier on the eyes

Always Use Visuals if Possible

Visuals are proven by research to be more effective than text alone. The idiom “A picture is worth a thousand words” is not far from the truth. Visuals include background image, pictures, chart, etc. Use pictures only if they add meaning to the topic of the slide. Unrelated pictures can be distracting and/or confusing.

Use The Correct Charts and Graphs

Charts and graphs are recommended to use instead of tables or lists. However, using the correct graph is also really important. You should know which type of charts and graphs to use. Some common examples are Line graphs, Bar charts, Column graphs, and Pie charts.

Avoid Animation When Not Needed

Animated slide transitions and animated text appear effects can be fun when editing, but they’re very distracting when attending the presentation. The simple appear effect is recommended for text animation. Use animation only if it makes the content easier to understand and helps improve the presentation.