The purpose of making a presentation is to communicate a concept or to report information. However, there are more ways than one to communicate ideas and to report information. So, why and when do you use a presentation? Lets find out!

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Most Business Presentations Are Either Inspirational or Informational 

Business presentations tend to be on two opposing poles. One being the inspirational presentation and other being the informational presentation. These presentations are very different from each other. Here are properties of each type to help you understand the message that can be conveyed using each of them.

Inspirational Presentation (Pep Talk Presentation)

An inspirational presentation has very few points in it. But, those few points are very very important. Maybe you only have one core topic and the rest are merely supporting sub-topics.

Informational Presentation (Report or Training)

An informational presentation can have many points that you want people to remember. This may be a detailed report or a training presentation containing important information.

Presentations are Recall Aides

The only way your audience will remember all of it is if you provide them with a recall aid to help them remember important points. Recall aides include things like handouts, cards, and of course PowerPoint presentations.

When To Use PowerPoint?

A PowerPoint presentation should be prepared when and if you want people to recall a number of key points and especially if you can present your points visually. Otherwise, there will be no benefit in using PowerPoint vs. simply announcing it verbally or through a simple memo.

Use PowerPoint To Tell A Powerful Story

It is a scientifically proven fact that people remember things when presented to them as stories. Stories are told by evoking people’s imagination. This can be done by presenting visuals on PowerPoint slides.

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