Choosing the best visuals for presentation slides is a dificult and confusing process for many people. They are usually afraid to make any mistakes. Of course, being educated in graphics helps but it is not required for choosing suitable visuals. You can can handle it even if you’re relatively new to this sort of thing.

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Finding Visuals for Keywords

Look in your text to find important keywords. These important keywords are what needs to be represented with images. You will probably find these keywords in your slide’s title.

Search for suitable visuals online or make them yourself. Anyone can find images online, but you need to make sure to only use images according to their license.

Finding Visuals for Transition Words

If you’re having trouble finding visuals from keywords, then you can try using transition words instead. There might be some text in your slides that you’ll replace with visuals. Look at that text and take special note of transition words in particular. These are words like however, while, comparatively, conversely, etc

What is the slide trying to explain? Use that core and give your concept a visual.

Numbers and Excel Sheets

When it comes to numbers and excel sheets, the answer is pretty simple. Use charts and graphs to show trends visually. Even the title of the slide should be dedicated as the title of the chart or graph. You will need to pick out the right graph to represent the numbers.

Look for clues in the text of your presentation slides. This will help you easily select a visual that belongs on your slides. If looking for the clue in the title does not help, then look at the explanation and find something suitable. Either way, you should be able to find your visual without much effort regardless of your qualification.

Image: [CC BY 0] via Pixabay