Making presentations is often prone to delays and rushing. People often forget to design their presentations properly. This usually involves skipping some very important steps. Here, we will be talking about some of these steps that are skipped most often and lead to clumsy presentations.

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Report or Idea?

What does your presentation resemble more, a report or an idea? If its a report, then you need to be more efficient. You need to pay more attention to accessibility. This includes text color, background color, font size, graphs etc.

If its a presentation, then try to pay more attention to the visual aspect of the presentation. Give the people less information on each slide to make it easier to digest. Use hidden slides for the details.

How Long Is The Presentation?

You might be surprised to know that many presenters don’t care to find out how many minutes they will get to deliver their presentation. Make sure to include all the important stuff and plan your presentation for the amount of time you’ll have.

Know Your Audience, Who Are They?

Who will be coming to see your presentation? People often overlook this important question. Even if you’re familiar with your audience, it is worth while to cater to new people who might have joined. Some people change roles and some join as newcomers.

In some cases, you might be giving your presentation or webinar to an online audience. In this case you have to know if English is their first language and if they are familiar with the terminology you might be planning to use. This will determine the type of language you can use including jargon.

In Summary

Making a presentation is only useful if the presentation is actually able to convince people. You need to know what you’re presenting; the time you have to present it; and how to present it to that particular audience. If you take care of these things, then you should be more relaxed and be able to design a great presentation.