We have already taken a look at how to design online presentations. Making a presentation is only 80% of the work, arguably the most important part is the other 20% which is delivering the presentation. Presentations over the internet are becoming increasingly common with more and more companies working with overseas clients. Designing and delivering these presentations is also becoming an important skill.

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Use A Lower Screen Resolution

Change the resolution of your screen to match a lower resolution e.g. 1024 by 768. The reason why you should do this is because the standard resolution on your audience’s monitors might be much lower. But, the biggest reason is bandwidth. If you cast your screen at a really high resolution, it will have to be cast to your audience at a high resolution as well. This can cause much longer delays, and the image might not appear correctly for some people.

You can change the resolution of your monitor by pressing the Windows Key and then typing resolution. Click the relevant search result to see more display options and change the resolution of the monitor.

Avoid Using Drawing Tools From The Online Presentation Service

At first, using these drawing tools might seem like a good idea. But remember that when you use these tools, the lines may like a bit untidy and unfinished. The audience might not understand whats happening, causing confusion. You should prepare in advance by drawing arrows and text on the presentation.

Use Another Computer to Keep Track of What The Audience Sees

This is a very useful thing to do in these presentations. As a presenter, you need to know what your audience sees. But you can’t see their screens when you’re giving the presentation, can you? Yes you can, by using a second computer. Connect this computer to the presentation as a member of the audience. This way you will have a better idea of the delay your audience is experiencing. You should start talking about the next slide when the next slide is visible on the second computer.

Remember, you are presenting online using a computer. Don’t just use PowerPoint, if you have something to show on a spreadsheet then show a spreadsheet. If you want to show them live figures from a website or something from a PDF document than show them that. You can also share files before or after the presentation.

Online Webinar by Stephan Ridgway [CC BY 2.0] via flickr