Learn how to format text within a placeholder by properly aligning the text. Line and paragraph spacing comes in handy when the slide text needs an adjustment. Make sure there is uniform formatting across the slides, as this delivers a positive impression on your audience. Formatting Paragraphs in PowerPoint 2013 includes aligning paragraphs, in addition to adjusting line and paragraphs spacing. Do familiarize yourself with bulleted lists and number lists in PowerPoint 2013.

Paragraph Alignment

To give the presentation a polished look, select the paragraph to allign by pacing the insertion point or cursor on it. Click the Home Tab and navigate to the Paragraph group. Click either of the Justify, Right, Center, or Left alignment options. Note the change in alignment. Center the Headings, and Justify any formal text.

Keyboard shortcuts for text alignment include: <CTRL>+<L> to align left, <CTRL>+<E> to align center, <CTRL>+<R> to align right, and finally <CTRL>+<J> to justify text.

Formatting Paragraphs in PowerPoint 2013 1

Line Spacing

Line spacing is helpful when there is to little or too less content inside a slide. To change Line Spacing in a business PPT theme, navigate to the Home Tab and click the button for Line Spacing. Change the spacing from 1.0 to as much as 3.0. Select the paragraph and apply the spacing.

Formatting Paragraphs in PowerPoint 2013 3

Paragraph Spacing

Click the Line Spacing Options to open the Paragraph dialog box. The Before and After spacing options add space above or below the selected paragraph respectively. Enter the specifications and click OK.

Formatting Paragraphs in PowerPoint 2013 2

The above tutorial explains how Formatting Paragraphs in PowerPoint 2013 works. Give a polished look to your free PowerPoint presentation by following simple tips & shortcuts described above. Instructions are written, assuming you own a copy of Microsoft PowerPoint 2013, as steps may vary for PowerPoint 2010 due to a slight change in menus. Download a ready made free template for PowerPoint with standard formatting and layout settings already applied for you.