Free Fitness Routine Template for PowerPoint is a motivational theme to help keep track of your progress. People often lose sight of the diet they are supposed to take and the effort they are required to put,  in order to gain a positive result from their workout. This free theme for PowerPoint features three pictures in the title slide. The picture on the left has a young man lifting dumbbells, the one in the center has an apple and a tape measure, while the one on the right has two people running on a track.

Free Fitness Routine Template for PowerPoint - 1

Replace the pictures in the title slide with your own to stay motivated and to highlight your fitness milestones. This fitness slide design is not just for personal use, but it is also useful for fitness trainers, athlete, couches, personal trainers, lifestyle coaches, and weight management personnel. The colors in the title slide are a combination of light and bright to inspire a sense of optimism. Download other free lifestyle related themes, such as family picture background to cherish the time you spend with your loved ones.

Free Fitness Routine Template for PowerPoint - 2

The first inner slide helps track progress by categorizing data through a chart. You can make a Manhattan chart of calories burnt, miles ran, or the hours of exercise done during the week. Information in the chart is highlighted by different colors, such as green, yellow, and blue. Upon executing this template, all the information is displayed in wide screen format (16: 9 , which is the standard for LED displays and tablets.

Free Fitness Routine Template for PowerPoint - 3

Eat healthy and manage your weight by writing down the summary of each days’ progress in the form of classes and groups. Write a description of the content in the form of bullet lists and add remarks as well as reminders for tomorrow. Share the list of fruits you eat and the changes you have brought in your diet with a medical professional and tweak your daily routine, likewise.

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If you are a weight management consultant, add another dimension to the fitness report of your clients with the SmartArt feature. You may add your own SmartArt by clicking the Insert button in Microsoft PowerPoint 2007, and by clicking SmartArt. The art is divided into pyramid, relationship, and matrix among other designs. You may edit and modify this theme on the go through Microsoft Office Online, which allows real-time access and opens up all the possibilities of the retail version of PowerPoint for free. You can work on the template offline by downloading it onto your desktop, and running it using Microsoft PowerPoint 2013, along with its earlier releases.

Open free fitness routine template for PowerPoint using Microsoft Office Online.