Icons represent a general idea. Most icons are simple images of objects, people, animals, etc. Paid and free vector graphics can be obtained from a variety of online sources and with different licenses. Free vector icons are easily available, but you can also make your own special custom vector icons to bring more originality to your presentation. Here we will talk about how you can make custom icons in PowerPoint.

Why Use Custom Vector Icons?

Custom vector icons not only give consistency to your presentation, they also help you make the presentation look original. Simple icons don’t distract the audience from information being presented. With custom icons, you have the freedom of choosing the colors and shapes that you need.

How To Make a Custom Vector Icon

First you’ll need to design the icon you want to make. This can be done easily by using a pencil and paper. Decide one or more keywords for the icon and start making a simple sketch. Try to keep the icon simple, only use simple shapes like triangles, rectangles, circles, ellipses, and circles.

Once you’re done with sketching the icon, you can start grawing it in PowerPoint. Start with the largest shape and the smaller ones after that. Press and hold the Shift key while making the shapes to get a perfect circle or square. You can disable outlines on the shapes to make them fit better.

Custom - Vector Icons - No Outline - FreePowerPointTemplates

If you want to remove part of a shape, you can do that by using a simple technique. Make a shape having no outline, and the same color as the background of the slide. Then, you can place that shape over anything to make it look the same as the background and makes it disappear.

Custom - Vector Icons - No Outline - Disappear - FreePowerPointTemplates

Custom - Vector Icons - No Outline - Disappear - 2 - FreePowerPointTemplates

If a shape keeps hiding behind other shapes, then you can change its arrangement to make it come forward and cover the other shapes. Each shape exists in its own layer on the slide.

Custom - Vector Icons - No Outline - Bring to back - Bring to front - FreePowerPointTemplates

Finally, when you’re done with the vector icon, you can highlight all of it, right-click it and click Group to make it one object.

Custom - Vector Icons - Group - FreePowerPointTemplates

It really doesn’t take a lot of time to make these simple custom vector icons, and you can use them as many times as you want without siting any sources either.