Copying and Pasting is probably the most common action when editing anything in PowerPoint. Anyone who has used PowerPoint for a while will notice the multiple Paste Options available in it.

There are a few of them and it can even get annoying to paste something only to immediately find out that it either pastes with the wrong formatting. Knowing your way around these multiple Paste Options can really help when editing a PowerPoint presentation. Let’s get started.

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Where Are Paste Options in PowerPoint 2013?

Paste options appear when you click the arrow under Paste in PowerPoint.

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They also appear when you paste something in PowerPoint. You can see then after pressing the Ctrl key after pasting something.

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Here Are Some Paste Options and What They Do

Here’s an illustration which shows what each option does. We will go through each option below.

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Use Destination Formatting

This option pastes the text and uses the formatting and theme of the place where it is pasted. So, if you’re pasting it in a box which is formatted to make it a certain color, font, and size then PowerPoint will apply the same formatting to your pasted text as well.

You can use this option when you want all the text to look the same way.

Keep Source Formatting

When you paste the text by using this option, it will look the way it did when you copied it. You can use it when you want the source formatting to remain unchanged.

Paste As Picture 

This unique option pastes the text as a picture. Once pasted, the picture can be formatted like any other picture in PowerPoint. You can use this option to make tables and charts secure by pasting them as a picture.

You can also make them secure by restricting permission to edit the whole presentation. This will only allow people to view that presentation unless they have a password to edit it. Click here to learn more.

Text With No Formatting

This option pastes text with no formatting. When you paste in this way, PowerPoint uses the Default formatting for the text.

Paste Special

Paste Special is located in the paste menu as shown in the image below. It is not a single command but rather a menu containing advanced paste functions.

What’s more, these Paste Options change depending on what you’ve copied.

Paste Special has a variety of advanced uses. When you click on an option, a short explanation appears under “Result”.

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