It is possible to pin point the placement of an object in a slide. Drawing guides and Gridlines are tools for positioning objects with an added accuracy. You may first have to learn how to insert an object before learning how to position objects in PowerPoint 2013.

Turning On the Grid

The grid is a set of two perpendicular lines that intersect each other at the center point of a slide. The grid helps in drawing objects and positioning them. To turn it on/off, navigate to the View tab on the Ribbon. Click the check-box, titled Guides.

How To Position Objects in PowerPoint 2013 1

Turning on the Drawing Guides

Object alignment is made easier still with drawing guides. The Grid is stationary, while the drawing guides are not. They can be moved to arrange the slide objects. To turn the on, click on the View Tab, followed by the Dialog Box Launcher. The Dialog Box Launcher is found in the Show group. The Grid and Guides dialog box appears on the screen.

How To Position Objects in PowerPoint 2013 2

Click the check-box titled, “Display drawing guides on screen” to enable this feature. Click OK. Now the vertical and horizontal guides appear on the screen. These are adjustable guides. To manually adjust the guides, click them and drag them to a new position.

How To Position Objects in PowerPoint 2013 3

To create an additional drawing guide, hold the <Ctrl> key as you drag the already present guide. Do remember that the drawing guides and the Grid are for instructional purpose only. They do not appear while presenting a slide, or when printing it.

Turn on Snap To Grid Feature

This feature “snaps” an object to nearest gridline when you drag it. This helps in positioning objects by providing a scale feature. This is a default feature of PowerPoint 2013. This feature reduces the precision by which you position objects, so you might consider turning it off. To turn it off, click the View Tab, followed by the Dialog Box Launcher. Click the check-box titled, “Snap objects to grid” and click OK.

The above tutorial briefed about How to Position objects in PowerPoint 2013. You may be interested in learning How To Insert Shapes, and How To Apply Artistic Effects in PowerPoint 2013.