To deliver an effective boardroom presentation, the presenter needs to sequence the information he/she delivers. Often the boardroom presenter communicates with the use of pre-reads, presentation slides, and post-presentation documentation, but rarely maintains the sequence of information communicated. In other words, most presenters do not know what to include in the pre-read, the actual presentation, and so forth. Let us look at the proper way to tactically sequence the presentation delivered in front of senior executives.

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The Pre-Read

Presenters ask whether it is wise to send information in advance to make the boardroom attendees familiar with the topic. The answer is Yes. The audience should know your agenda, the background, and the purpose behind the presentation. This way, they are better prepared to ask the right questions and ultimately make the decision in your favour. However, note that the pre-read document is not a copy of your presentation slides. Do not include the information covered in the pre-read due to two reasons. The presentation will have extra slides and those who have read the pre-read might stop you anywhere in the presentation and skip right to the questions, which is quite awkward.

The Actual Boardroom Presentation

The goal of a presentation is to review key points, so that a decision is made. When starting the presentation, assume that the attendees have read and understood the pre-read. During the presentation, if you do not want to ask the audience to refer to a section of the pre-read, include such information in the form of hidden slides.

Post-Presentation Documentation

After the presentation, share additional information, such as legal documentation, or details brought up during discussion with your audience. Accomplish this through SharePoint or the corporation’s private network. In some instances, this additional information is a regulatory requirement, which makes it essential.

When the information is delivered sequentially by utilizing the 3 essential components of a boardroom presentation, you are no longer bound to include every detail in the presentation. This way, the presentation delivers a stronger, more focused message. Check out similar resources, such as 10 Tips for Making Effective PowerPoint Presentations, and Is Your Business Presentation Inspirational or Informative?

Image: by Kaihsu via Wikimedia