In the real world, you won’t have your audience for 20 minutes. People lose interest after a few minutes anyway.

But, how do you prepare a 5 minute speech? It seems like a daunting task, until you have a few tricks up your sleeve. Please continue reading for tips on how to prepare a 5 minute speech.

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Start With A Strong Opening

A strong opening is one where you arouse the interest of the audience by making them think. This can be done by asking a question, quoting a quote, stating a statement, etc.

Focus On The Topic

What problem are you focused to solve? This problem is your main topic.

Of course, you’re here to promote a product or service. But, the audience will not like a direct approach. They didn’t come to watch a commercial. So, focus your words on how they can solve their problem instead.

Take The Audience on A Little Journey 

A speech isn’t just words. You’re engaging with the audience in the moment.

So, take them on a journey with you. Tell them a story.

Use Fewer Words Per Slide

Use the least amount of words per slide. The fewer words, the better.

Use visuals where applicable. Please click here to learn more.

Don’t Read Off A Script

Don’t memorize your lines exactly or read from notes.

If you do, then you will sound robotic and unauthentic. It will seem like you don’t really know what you’re talking about.

Try to memorize the points you’re going to discuss instead.

Humor Is All Right, As Long As It Is Natural

You don’t have to try hard to be funny. A little humor will really help you.

People know what you’re going is challenging. So they appreciate that you’re trying.

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