Free Elementary School Playground Template has young school boys and school girls having a good time during recess. The sun is smiling over the backdrop of white clouds and the weather is good for running around and having fun. This free educational design is ideal for daycare centers, Kindergartens, and Preschools. Teachers can deliver interactive lectures and teach kids in a manner that would invoke their curious minds.

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Write down the lecture topic along with its description in the title slide. You can teach them the basics of Mathematics, including Addition, Subtraction, and Division using Fractions. Free Educational Chalkboard design and Quiz template for PPT provide a classroom style presentation, which is ideal, if the teacher needs to show a presentation, while the kids are on a field trip, or in the playground. There is a header for each section, in order to make your point clear and understandable for young children. The background shows a boy and a girl playing on a seesaw.

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Explain how to perform a simple procedure, such as how to spell a word by dividing it into sub-tasks. The ladder represents five steps to perform, and the teacher can insert a title for each step. This slide uses SmartArt to add another layer of detail. You can insert your own SmartArt, such as Matrices and figures by clicking “Insert” in the Quick Access Toolbar, and selecting SmartArt.

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Participate in a class quiz by dividing your students in two groups. Ask questions and add points for each correct answer with this table. State each question with the help of bullet list, which allows you to insert as many as six questions in this free theme for PowerPoint.

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Download Free Elementary School Playground Template for your PC / Mac or work on it from anywhere using Office Online. This template has backward compatibility, and the best part is, Office Online is packed with the latest version of Office.