If you ever wanted a texture effect in your presentation, then this one is for you. The curlicues are made subtle enough to keep the emphasis on your content. Students of Fine Arts and calligraphy may find it useful for presenting their unique idea in front of the faculty. This is a free Pink PPT theme available on PowerPoint Online.

Download Pink Floral Template for PowerPoint Online and make a How To presentation regarding visual arts. Explain how to make a curlicue or give Photoshop lessons for free. The theme is available in widescreen 16:9 format, and gives a professional grade output. This is a multifaceted presentation, fit for the Arts, family, as well as business. If you are looking for charts, tables and SmartArt graphics in your presentation, do check out the other templates under this category.

Free Pink Floral Template for PowerPoint Online 1

Share Art with Friends & Family

Share pictures of a baby shower or a family trip with this picture layout. There is ample space to Insert a Picture or Animation into the presentation. Alternatively, if you do not have a certain picture in your computer, PowerPoint 2013 gives you the option to Insert ClipArt into the slide. ClipArt consists of royalty-free pictures & animation found on the Microsoft cloud. In case the image does not fit the layout, do resize or move the image.  After inserting the picture, give it a caption in pink font color or any other font color of your choice.

Free Pink Floral Template for PowerPoint Online 2

Summarize with SmartArt

Keep the presentation upbeat and actionable by inserting this diverging radial graphic. It is highly effective while explaining a centralized idea. In case you do not need this figure, delete it. To accomplish this, select the SmartArt and press the Delete key on the keyboard. You may replace this with another diagram, such as one regarding a process, a cycle, or a relationship.

Free Pink Floral Template for PowerPoint Online 3

Download Free Pink Floral template for PowerPoint Online