Have you ever done something without planning and when something goes wrong you’re not ready to deal with it? Well, this tends to happen a lot with PowerPoint presentations.

Of course, you may be able to put together a presentation without much preparation. However, planning a presentation can help you achieve objectives while also saving precious time. Please take a look at this helpful Infographic on things to remember when planning a presentation.

To get the right answers, you must first ask the right questions. Here, we will go through some questions from the above infographic.

Regarding The Presentation 

Many planners forget to think about the main idea of their presentation, It is important to define it from the beginning.

Does your planning include writing a strong introduction? It should explain to the audience what they can expect from the presentation that they are about to watch.

Make sure that your main points are presented in a logical, clear, and concise manner. Make sure to use visual aids as needed.

Just like the introduction, the conclusion is very important. Make sure to tie the conclusion to the introduction.

Regarding Your Audience

You can’t prepare a good presentation for people when you don’t even know who these people are. Take some time to answer this question, who is my audience? What are they like?

Are they knowledgeable about the subject of my presentation? What is motivating them to listen to your presentation?

Regarding Your Delivery 

Not everyone can deliver a message in the same way. The difference comes from knowing yourself and what to improve in your delivery. You need to be knowledgeable about the subject so that you’re reasonably comfortable discussing it.

Prepare notes to remind yourself about key phrases and keywords. Rehearse the presentation and visit the venue where you’ll be giving the presentation to get familiar with the room.

Regarding Your Appearance

Your appearance should be appropriate for the topic of discussion and the expectations of the audience.

Also, the audience’s perception of how their ideal presenter will look while giving the presentation is also very important.

Regarding Visual Aids

Are your visuals easy to read? If not, then make the font easier to read. Make sure to use simple visuals that are easy to follow and understand to deliver a presentation that connects with the audience.

InfoGraphic by sketchbubble from Visually.