When it comes to informing people through text and imagery, its hard to find a more efficient tool than PowerPoint. It is estimated that some 70 million presentations are delivered every day. Other than regular reports and marketing presentations, most of these daily presentations are delivered in classrooms. Most of these presentations are made in PowerPoint, however other tools like Prezi and LibreOffice are also used.

How Its Gotten Easier To Make Classroom Presentations

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Its easy to use PowerPoint presentations in a classroom environment because anyone can learn to make a simple presentation using PowerPoint. The fact that you can use templates and don’t have to make presentations from scratch, opens up a lot of options for making high quality presentations in minutes.

All you need to do is replace some text and add some pictures and/or video. Templates usually take care of the rest.

Advantages of Using PowerPoint For Classroom Lessons


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The lecture format suits PowerPoint very well. If printed text on paper is not engaging enough for the children (especially young ones), then using a screen to convey main points of a lesson through a presentation containing visuals really helps.

Do You Need To Make New Slides Often?

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Depending on how much changes occur in the curriculum over the years, a teacher might occasionally need to change the slides, but not very often. If this technology is used then the teacher can focus on helping the students understand the subject matter instead of putting effort into writing and erasing text and diagrams off of a whiteboard or a blackboard.

Here Are Some Guidelines To Keep In Mind When Making PowerPoint Presentations For Classrooms

Don’t use too much text because it can be overwhelming. If you want to include more text for a certain topic then divide it into multiple slides. Give each slide a relevant title and try to use visual language instead of text.

It is helpful to use the ‘speaker notes’ feature. Its really useful because only you are able to see that text and use it to deliver key phrases when giving a presentation.

Consider adding a slide counter on the bottom of each slide. This counter should indicate the number of the current slide and the number of total slides.

The younger the audience, the more images you will need to use in the slides. Try using cartoons and colorful PowerPoint templates to make a presentation less boring. Instead of sharing tables, make graphs and charts where needed to visually represent data. If you’re not sure where to find free images, then please click here to learn more.

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