It is possible to use PowerPoint to deliver online eLearning course lectures. PowerPoint can be used as an effective education tool, because in a way, it is already a tool for educating people. But, instead of just being an offline tool, it can also be used online.

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Things To Do When Making An eLearning Course Using PowerPoint 

Here are three powerful tips on what to do when making an eLearning course using PowerPoint:

Use A Consistent Layout

Make sure to use consistent formatting for all slides in the course. Try not to use slides that look like they have been borrowed. It is best to take a pen and paper to decide the layout of presentation slides.

Decide a color palette and the overall layout of the slides before continuing. After that, make a slide master so that these changes will not have to be applied manually to each presentation slide.

Add Navigation Buttons To PowerPoint Slides

Consider adding navigation buttons to PowerPoint slides. Of course, students can navigate through slides using cursor keys on the keyboard. However, giving them navigation buttons will give your Presentation course a more polished look.

Try Making It As Interactive As Possible

Making your presentation interactive gives you the ability to do something that most normal video eLearning courses can’t do. You can add click-to-animate animations and quiz questions. You can also add a few click-to-zoom or hover-to-zoom images as needed to give your student a rich and interactive learning experience.

Things To “Not” Do When Making An eLearning Course Using PowerPoint 

Here are three things you need to avoid when when making an eLearning course using PowerPoint:

Use Bullet Points For Lists

Bullet point for un-ordered lists are so common that its hard to avoid them. Its okay to use them sometimes, but if you have bullet points in every other slide, than you’re doing something wrong.

Use Themes Included in PowerPoint

Themes that comes with PowerPoint are so common that they’re a presentation cliche. They also look a little boring. Consider downloading a template from websites like as a starting point for making eLearning courses.

Slide Transition Effects

Slide transition effects work in a normal presentation. Even then, they should be kept as simple as possible. But, it is best to avoid them altogether when making an eLearning course using PowerPoint.