Presentation consultation services are usually contacted for help due to a request from a Senior Executive. What are most of these executives looking for? Is it better looking presentations? Sometimes. However, usually its about saving time spent on making presentations.

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Needs and Wants of Executives 

Executives use presentations when they have to present results to their bosses. They ask staff to make presentation slides to share these results and explain different topics. Executives try to look for help when they’re not getting what they’re asking for. Executives want slides that they can look at, understand, and then present to senior management.

What Executives Usually Get

Executives usually get slides that are confusing to look at and understand. Slides in which topics don’t follow a pattern. This results in them having to study the slides and figuring them out before presenting them. Furthermore, they might need to call the staff member who made the slides and ask them to change things to make more sense. This not only takes time of the executive but it also takes valuable staff hours.

Cost of Reworking Confusing Presentations

It is taking executives too much time to complete presentations. This is time that they should be spending on making important decisions instead of making presentations on making important decisions.

You can actually calculate the approximate cost (in dollars) of the time being wasted.

You Will Stand Out if You Make Effective Slides

If you’re making these slides, then you will stand out if you make slides that are easier to understand and explain. This is especially true if you are a researcher, analyst, sales presenter, etc. If you make slides for your bosses, they will be glad to see slides that they can understand and explain without much effort.

You Will Be Happy if You Are a Presenter 

If you’re the person who has to give these confusing and disorganized presentations a then you’ll certainly be happy to know that there is a solution. You don’t have to revise and correct slides for hours.

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